drop the puck for mental health


This past year, our chapter held the first annual “Drop The Puck For Mental Health” philanthropic event with all proceeds going towards the Canadian Mental Health Association. The event was done in partnership with another fraternity on campus, Phi Delta Theta and was a friendly ice hockey match between our two fraternities.

Nearly 500 tickets were sold and a total of $10,313 was raised.

The event was also backed by community partners such as Body Energy Club, Yerba Mate, Freshslice Pizza, and Abbies Sports Shop.

On every university campus, including UBC, mental health is a prominent issue. We believed that it was time to bring this issue to light and do our part in ending the stigma surrounding it. We organize this event as a way to come together as a community, raise awareness about mental health resources, and encourage everyone to reach out if they need help.