How Much Does It Cost?

The 2018 new member dues are $675.00. The money goes towards chapter insurance fees, new member education fees, initiation fees, athletic and social costs, IFC dues, and chapter dues.

Why Isn’t Beta In The Greek Village?

Beta Theta Pi is in a unique situation because we are the only fraternity on campus to own our own house and land. When the other fraternities moved out to the greek village, we maintained our desired location in the heart of campus. We are still just minutes from the other Greeks, but we are conveniently located right next to Woodward library, the Gym, the Nest, and university village. Plus, we enjoy more freedom on our property as we are not governed by the same rules and regulations that other fraternities are. We indulge in all the same luxuries as you would at your own home.

What Are The Requirements Of Being A Member?

Please speak with our president, second vice president, or recruitment chairmen about membership and the responsibilities that come with joining Beta Theta Pi. We have done you a disservice if you do not know what the requirements are before accepting a bid from our fraternity. There are monetary commitments, time commitments, and most importantly, moral and social conduct commitments. We do not make Betas, we take Betas. If your values are in line with what we offer, the decision to join our organization should be simple.

How Many Members Are In Beta Theta Pi?

The active chapter is more than 70 strong and there are more than 1900 Gamma Omicron alumni. Beta Theta Pi internationally has more than 125,000 living alumni throughout North America.