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Housing at Beta

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Located in the heart of campus near the intersection of Wesbrook Mall and University Boulevard, the Beta house is closer to your classes than all other undergrad residences, and all other fraternity houses. There is a bus stop seconds from the house; the UBC Aquatic Centre, Bird-Coop gym, ARC gym, and Shoppers Drug Mart are only a 2-minute walk away. The University Village (containing a food court, Staples, Starbucks, Gold’s Gym and a variety of grocery stores) is right outside our back-door. And if you are not feeling well, the UBC Hospital and Emergency Room is right across the street.

The house was completed in September of 2005. Rooms come fully furnished, complete with beds and mattresses, wardrobes, desks, and shelving, with additional room for anything you feel is missing. The house also has extensive common areas, including a TV-room complete with leather couches and 50” HD TV, a spacious foyer and dining room, a remote library and study area with full internet access, a downstairs hall complete with one other big-screen TV, and a fully equipped kitchen, along with our house chef. The house also has a large front yard. Each room is hooked up to the house network for free high-speed Internet access. All residents (and members of the fraternity) get complimentary parking in our adjoining parking lot. Our fu

Our full time chef prepares the main meals of the day, and the kitchen (which is always kept well-stocked) is always accessible to prepare a midnight snake, an extra full meal, or whatever the situation calls for. Other amenities include a fully functional downstairs bar, a ping-pong table, a pool table, free laundry, various storage areas, and 4 washrooms catering to various areas of the house. The house has an elevator and is fully accessible for handicapped tenants. Additionally, the spacious downstairs-basement is transformed into a fully functioning weight-lifting/workout space.

The cost of living in the house is $875 per month to live in a double room. This includes rent and utilities, a full meal plan with a full time chef, access to the kitchen and its contents at all times, HDTV in common rooms, free laundry, and a full-time parking pass.